Tableau Media | About

Tableau Media is operated by Cindy Glover, Director of Corporate Event Photography for brightroom™, Backprint™, and Event Photography Group™ for more than a decade. Our 2,000+ photographers live all over the country so in most cases we will staff your event using our local talent.  You'll have a single point of contact for any sized job, so you don't have to worry about babysitting another program vendor.  

Tableau Media shoots for the event, but also to reflect the people.  Tech workers and attorneys are not the same animal, nor are consumer product launches and VIP meet-and-greets. At Tableau Media, we know the difference. Tableau Media has more than 2,000 veteran photographers around the U.S.  We have the right photographer(s), with the right skill set, gear, the right personality, in the right location for your event.  That's why companies like Coca-Cola, Ameriprise Financial, Cisco Systems, Sony, Bank of America, Wellpoint and Honda trust Tableau Media for professional corporate event photography. 

Contact Tableau Media today so we can help you get the most out of your next, best, most productive corporate event.